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A look back at the Canadian Concrete Expo 2023.

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What is the Canadian Concrete Expo?

The Canadian Concrete Expo is a must-attend national event dedicated to the concrete, aggregates and construction industries held in Toronto. It combines conference sessions, live demonstrations and on-stage presentations that offer attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, equipment and key industry information.

The CCE has more than 300 national and international exhibitors and is supported by more than 30 co-sponsoring and sponsoring associations active in the field of concrete and construction and hosting as many as 7,000 industry participants.

Why is DroneXperts participating in the CCE?

Founded in 2012, DroneXperts aims to professionalize drone integration using robotics and artificial intelligence by enabling and/or facilitating data collection. DroneXperts has become, over the years, a recognized and innovative center of expertise for training, consulting, services and new technologies! At the CCE, the company’s objective was to present the benefits of the integration of the drone in the field of construction such as:

  • Survey of aggregates (better stockpile management)
  • Mapping of sites
  • Safer building inspection

Discover the featured products presented at the CCE that meet the requirements of the construction industry.

The WingtraOne GEN II drone

For your mapping missions, fly at 16 m/s for up to 59 minutes per flight for extended coverage. The WingtraOne can fly higher than drones limited to 20 MP cameras, allowing you to capture more terrain and detail in each photo and a larger area per flight. Cover up to 110 ha in one flight with a GSD of 1.2cm/px.

In addition, thanks to the high optical quality, you can reliably reconstruct your map even with lower overlaps. This means more ground covered per flight line and maximum coverage per flight

You want to know more about this device, discover the complete guide: here. Moreover, discover the webinar organized by DroneXperts about this drone : here

THE DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

The DJI Mavic 3E ‘s extraordinary combination of features allows for highly effective mapping and surveying missions. It incorporates a 20 MP wide-angle camera with a 4/3 CMOS sensor featuring large 3.3 μm pixels that, along with the smart low-light mode, offer significantly improved performance in low-light conditions. Its powerful up to 56x hybrid zoom camera has an equivalent focal length of 162mm for 12MP images. A mechanical shutter prevents motion blur and supports fast 0.7 second interval shooting.

The Pix4D solution

Pix4Dmapper is the reference software allowing professionals in topography, architecture or other to generate plans, 3D models, orthomosaics, clouds of points, from photos acquired by drone. This allows a precise analysis of the terrain, to calculate different measures, areas or volumes or to inspect the condition of a building. Numerous export formats allow the exploitation of the data. Pix4Dmapper can also process and analyze thermal or multispectral images. With Pix4Dmapper you will be able to transform your shots into 2D maps or 3D models, this solution is dedicated to mapping. In addition, these can be geo-referenced.

Focus on the DroneXperts services that accompany you in the construction industry.

Support for the integration of the drone in the company

Before building a drone program, it is important to ask the right questions. We are here to guide you, from the analysis of needs to the planning and management of training, from the purchase of equipment to the planning of the maintenance program. We are here to help every step of the way, including the exploitation of your results.

The first step is therefore crucial, as you must begin by defining the benefits of integrating drones into your business. You can do this by reading a maximum of case studies that you can adapt to your vision.

Learn the 7 steps to successful drone program integration:

  • Evaluate how using drones can save you time and money;
  • Establish your technology and field application needs;
  • Acquisition, rental or partnership for your drone;
  • Establish drone use procedures and policies;
  • Choose your drivers to be accompanied in the process;
  • Train your drivers;
  • Choose the people who will use your data and train them.

The purchase or rental of a drone

Buying a drone can quickly become complicated, as there are many models and sensors that can affect your results. And without the right support, your equipment can quickly become outdated and not adapted to your needs.

Nevertheless, the negative point of renting is that the equipment does not belong to you, however it offers many advantages. Today with the democratization of this new tool that is the drone, the rental services have evolved and are now adapted to your needs, whether for a short, medium or long term. This approach also allows you to benefit from a tailor-made support, with the choice to take or not, an insurance in case of partial or total breakage of your device. By opting for this option, you benefit from a loaner aircraft immediately and during the entire duration of the repair of your drone to ensure a permanent continuity in your operations.

To better understand the difference between buying or renting a drone, please consult our complete guide.

Pilot training

Like the job of an airplane pilot, becoming a drone pilot and/or remote pilot requires certain conditions and can be learned through training. With the constant evolution of drones, legislation had to be put in place to regulate the conditions of their use. These exist primarily to ensure public safety. Transport Canada is the Canadian federal government department responsible for the development and application of transportation regulations and policies. A well-trained drone pilot is required to know the laws in place in order to practice his profession in the rules of the art. Are you interested in this topic? You can read our blog post: How to become a professional drone pilot and what training to choose ? The Complete Guide.


To conclude, and you will probably have understood, DroneXperts can be compared to some of its competitors. Nevertheless, it remains the only center of expertise to offer you all the solutions in one place with customized services and programs that are sure to meet your various needs!



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