The drone for quarries and sandpits

DroneXperts' expertise in the field of quarries and sandpits.

Lidar and photogrammetry surveys by drone for the calculation of volumetry and quantity report of your quarries and sandpits.

The use of technology for volumetric calculations in a sand quarry is very profitable, whether it is by taking photos, weighing or using drones, it is possible to considerably improve the royalties paid to municipalities.

The advantages of using the drone in Quarries and sandpits

The drone is a clean and non-polluting technology that should be favored.

Allows you to reach isolated areas at a lower cost.

Accessible and less and less complex to use.

Deployment and data acquisition time is faster by drone.

Volumetric tracking by drone is nowadays more and more accessible, as an external service or by integrating the drone within your organization.

With over 95% accuracy in volume calculation and a significant increase in data collection speed, customers can recover up to $200K in royalties.

The different applications of the drone in Quarries and sandpits

Calculation of the exploitation volumes (Excavation and filling).

Volume calculation of aggregate piles.

Survey of rock faces.

Obtain a georeferenced 3D model.

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