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Drones for public safety, police and fire management

The drone has a huge advantage in the field of public safety, its deployment time is almost instantaneous. Its interest is not only in the rapid support of operations, it is also and above all a decision-making tool, whether live or delayed, it is a perfect element to assist teams in the field in risk-taking situations and response to emergency situations (sites at risk for teams, hazardous materials, direct danger).
Drones are working tools of the security services that allow to improve the security offered to the population.

The drone for Public Safety, Police and Fire Management


Prevention: resource management, field information.

Preparation: planning and organization.

Intervention: decision, deployment, validation of the strategy.

Recovery: identification, assessment/evaluation and information management.

The drone for Public Safety, Police and Fire Management


Crisis management (natural disasters, environmental crises...)

Public security (terrorist threat, active shooter, attacks...)

Major fire fighting, forest fires, fire detection, hot spot detection, direct support to operations, 24-7 surveillance

Border surveillance.