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Shaping the future of drones with customized solutions

DroneXperts, a trusted partner

Constant innovation

In order to ensure the sustainability and growth of the company and the industry, we focus part of our activities on research & development and innovation.

DroneXperts is a technology integration and development company allowing the development of new markets and new drone solutions in different fields. DroneXperts is ready to participate in your custom projects and/or integration of new technologies embedded in drones, regardless of the time or the stages of implementation.

Our offer

Development and follow-up of your project

A service from A to Z

Our team of experts allows you to carry out your projects, from planning to design and all the way to validation of results.

A team of experts behind you

Our internal resources and various partners give us expertise in project planning, certified drone pilots, industry-certified technical specialists, various on-board sensors, the environmental field, geomatics, data analysis and validation.

Close collaboration

We believe in close collaboration with our customers. Our R&D process involves continuous communication with you to ensure that the drones we develop are exactly what you need.

Custom Projects

A trusted

Concrete innovation projects

DroneXperts develops products with trusted partners, notably with the Enviro-DX range.

Air-series- Air sampling and measurement system

Our AIR-SERIES project, which attracted considerable interest thanks to its multiple air quality measurement sensors and three simultaneous sampling systems, was a finalist in three environmental technology and engineering competitions.

HYDRO-SERIES - Drone-mounted surface water sampling system

In the context of the INRS drone-based environmental remote sensing laboratory (TED), DroneXperts is acting as an expert and industrial partner for the development project of a drone-based surface water sampling system.

They trust us

Our customers and

Our success is based on a solid alliance with our customers and partners. Their aspirations, challenges and trust shape our commitment to raising the standards of automated aviation. Every interaction with our customers becomes an opportunity to learn and grow together, while our partners play a crucial role in realizing our vision.

Their confidence testifies to our determination to reach new heights.