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The best environmental technologies embedded on a drone

Environmental issues are major topics for the future. What is unique about the drone is its ability to fly over dangerous, polluted or hard-to-reach areas at low altitude and over long distances, without endangering or risking the environment or humans.

The drone for Environment


Real time gas analysis.

Air sampling (Sampling).

Mapping of gases on areas (Georeferencing).

Residual materials volume survey (Landfill and waste management centers).

Survey and identification of ecosystems: fauna and flora, wetlands and areas.

Topographic survey of the terrain by LiDAR (Digital Terrain Model DTM and Digital Surface Model DSM).

Photogrammetric topographic survey (DTM and DSM).

Environmental emergency services (Spill and pollution characterization, hazardous materials response).

Follow-up of events following a natural or industrial disaster.

The drone for Environment


LET: gas survey, facility inspection and volume surveys.

Riparian buffer analysis.

Environmental emergencies (spills, hydrocarbon leaks).

Landslides (Evaluation, prediction and 3D modeling).

Flooding (Inspection and modeling).

Direction générale des barrages (Inspections and modelling of dams).