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Please note that we only repair DJI drones.

Repair and maintenance service for drones

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In addition to being an authorized DJI Enterprise Reseller, DroneXperts is a DJI Certified eXperts Center. Rest assured that our team, passionate about technology, will be at your service.

When you rely on DroneXperts and our team of experienced technicians for out-of-warranty repairs and maintenance, you can be sure you’re dealing with a DJI-trained and -certified team for your recreational, professional or industrial drones. (Software update, disassembly, assembly, settings and adjustments, radio calibration, calibration of sensors and sensors) Although the problems can be caused by many different sources, we will take the time to explain all the steps and associated costs.

Please note that we only repair DJI drones.

Repair and maintenance service

The maintenance service includes

Complete basic inspection

Checking consumables

Updating the device

Complete device calibration

Deep cleaning

Flight tests

Maintenance Report and Logbook

Repair & maintenance

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Our service in 5 easy steps

Fill out the form below to begin the process. Bring or ship your drone to our service center. A deposit of $120 is required for the diagnosis. This amount can then be applied to repairs.

Receive your file number once you’ve received your drone.

Get your diagnostic sheet and cost estimate for the repairs by email.

Decide whether or not to have your drone repaired. The repair will be scheduled following your approval.

Pick up your restored device at the store or receive it by mail.