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Wingtra Webinar: How to manage your mining site with a drone?

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On February 01, 2023, DroneXperts organized a webinar about Wingtra and how to manage your mining site with a drone. This presentation was made by David Bibeau, business development representative and strategic coaching consultant, since 2010. For those who are late, here is a written summary of the event.

The partnership between Wingtra and DroneXperts

Who is Wingtra ?

Wingtra is a company that is based in Switzerland and entered the market in early 2017. Today, the company is the world’s leading producer of VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) drones for mapping, surveying and mining professionals. Since its inception, Wingtra has partnered with more than 70 drone equipment resellers, giving it a worldwide presence.

Who is DroneXperts?

We are pioneers and leaders in Canada and we have an innovative center of expertise that offers drone technology (sales and/or rentals), training, consulting and service in one place. Our team of experts has been supporting companies with confidence since 2012 and also offers unparalleled human and professional service.

The partnership

Today, Wingtra and DroneXperts share the same objectives and values. Our common goal is to offer a solution that meets the needs of our clients by ensuring that we provide quality service over the long term. It is therefore quite natural that this partnership was born thanks to the common vision of the two companies.

Presentation of the Wingtra One GEN II

The Wingtra One GEN II, is a fixed wing drone, features the most advanced reliability of surveying drones. It maximizes uptime and increases your productivity by ensuring consistent delivery.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of these competitive advantages:

  • A VTOL drone that is faster, more versatile and efficient;
  • Ability to fly at 16 m/s for 59 minutes;
  • Absolute accuracy in horizontal of 1 cm (depending on the sensor used);
  • Deployment possible in less than 5 minutes;
  • Smart Field Tracking;
  • Advanced Flight Mission Planning;
  • Quick and easy sensor replacement.

What sensors are available?

Currently and according to your needs, you have the choice between several sensors to obtain more or less precise results. Discover the list of available embedded technologies:

  • Sony RX1R 42 mpx (RGB sensor)
  • Sony A6100 24 mpx (RGB sensor)
  • Sony A6100 24 mpx oblique (RGB oblique sensor)
  • Micasense RedEdge-P (multispectral sensor)
  • Lidar (under integration)

Potential uses

As David explains in his presentation

  • Defining the exact location of a future mine site;
  • Mapping of the site (planning, monitoring of operations, monitoring of revitalization);
  • Measuring distances accurately;
  • Perform volume and inventory management surveys;
  • Monthly reports and audits ;
  • 3D modeling.

Case studies

During this presentation, three case studies were presented. They can be consulted at any time, here are the different links:

How to measure the ROI of this investment?

To help you calculate your return on investment, you need to consider several factors that relate to costs, but also to gains. To do this, here are the essential questions to ask yourself:

  • How far do I need to cover?
  • How precise do I need to be?
  • What will be the recurrence of my projects? Weekly, monthly, etc..
  • How much does my labor cost?

Of course, this is only a base, which can evolve according to your needs, but it nevertheless forms a solid foundation. To go even further, Wingtra has developed a tool that allows you to perform simulations to measure this ROI. This tool is available :

We are coming to the end of this summary, we thank again to all the people who followed this event live. Thanks also for checking out this article and for more details, the full replay is online!



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