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Drones optmizing surveying and mapping

The drone is a powerful ally of photogrammetry and geomatic surveying for data acquisition. In addition to reducing the time required to capture data for area surveys, on-board cameras and sensors not only make inspections and mapping safer, but also provide professionals with highly accurate images and data.

The drone for Surveying and mapping


Reduction of time and therefore costs.

No or little interruption during data collection.

More accurate data and measurements.

Maps of inaccessible areas.

The drone for Surveying and mapping


Airborne topographic surveys (contour lines, topographic plans) to update the cadastral plan (staking, boundary marking, certificate of location).

Orthomosaic (Perfect complement to geographic information systems (GIS).

Aerial photography (Orthophotography, photogrammetry).

Photos of rocky and inaccessible walls.

Volume calculation (Excavation volume).

Digital terrain model (DTM).

HD photo and video surveillance for structures, dams, wind turbines and gas pipelines.

3D modeling and mapping.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for flood or landslide analysis.