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Drones for waste management

Waste management centers and organizations are constantly seeking to improve and meet environmental standards. The drone comes to support considerably the managers in order to answer these stakes and the recommendations which apply, it is a tool of assistance to the decision making.

The drone for Waste management


Helping to counter a complaint from a resident (gas analysis to detect the sources of harmful odors, we are able to affirm through this process if the odors come from your landfill.

Verification of new installations, such as flares (to prove their tightness and verify the presence of gas).

Photogrammetry of the site to obtain an updated view of your site.

Volume calculation

Gas detection.

The drone for Waste management


Mastering management operations.

Reduce health and safety risks on the sites.

Reduce operating costs by optimizing data acquisition times.

Improve productivity.

Improve waste management (yield) through rapid calculation of volumes (by photogrammetry).

Quickly estimate the compaction rate (compaction) and burial rate (volumetry).

Manage your correction work: waterproofing, slope management (topographic surveys), biogas production detection.

Detect leaks and spills quickly in the landfill cells (surface biogas readings, leachate)

Thanks to thermography, the drone can detect heat zones.