The drone for forestry

DroneXperts' expertise in precision forestry.

A few years ago, the entire forestry industry was pointing to a potential revolution through the use of drones. The use of drones has brought a lot to the forestry industry (silviculture) and to the organizations in charge of the maintenance of large areas. Using the LiDAR sensor on drone we obtain a digital surface model (DSM) and digital terrain model (DTM) to perform forest mapping.

The advantages of using the drone in Forestry

The drone is a clean and non-polluting technology.

Reach isolated areas at a lower cost.

Accessible and less and less complex to use.

The use of drone for forest inspection has even more impact in a country where the forest area is 3.5 million km2. Aerial imagery by aircraft will have revolutionized traditional methods of canopy inspection and land surveying, the use of drones will confirm the effectiveness of aerial imagery and the use of increasingly powerful sensors.

The different applications of the drone in Forestry

Post-harvest biomass inventory.

Pre-cutting evaluation for the forest industry and silvicultural works. Inventory of species and forest sampling by photo and multispectral cameras.

Evaluation of cutting residues.

Detection of stresses such as diseases or parasites (Multispectral camera).

Assessment of the condition of forest roads.

Post-fire assessment to detect hot spots for interventions by thermal camera (with the help of our partners).

Topographic survey of the terrain with a photo camera.

Monitoring of events such as fires, cuttings, by photo and thermal camera (with the help of our partners).

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