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Wingtra: a VTOL drone

Greater range and autonomy

DroneXperts x Wingtra

The partnership between DroneXperts and Wingtra

Our partnership with Wingtra, world leader in mapping and photogrammetry drones, is proof of our commitment to excellence and superior quality.

Working together, we offer a state-of-the-art solution for all our customers’ monitoring, data collection and analysis needs. Thanks to Wingtra’s advanced technology and DroneXperts’ expertise in the field of drones, we are able to provide accurate and reliable data for projects of all sizes and scopes.

We are proud of our partnership with Wingtra and are determined to continue providing superior services to our customers.

Wingtra One GenII: the solution for large surfaces


Growth monitoring for sustainable forest management.


Precise site analysis and construction planning.

wingtra 3


Requires less staff and time than traditional methods.

Drone Wingtra One GEN II


Site supervision and volumetric survey

DroneXperts x Wingtra

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