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Our center of expertise offers a range of training courses enabling you to learn or specialize in the use of UAVs. 

Our training courses are taught by experts with extensive experience in the sector and genuine teaching skills.

Our initial training courses
to become a drone pilot

Vue aérienne de drone avec champs de colza et forêt

Training: Basic operations

This course is designed for anyone wishing to fly a drone weighing over 250 grams in uncontrolled airspace.

With this online program, you’ll learn everything you need to know to easily pass the Transport Canada exam and obtain your certification.

Vue aérienne de drone sur la ville

Training: Advanced operations

This course is designed for anyone wishing to pilot a drone weighing over 250 grams in controlled airspace.

Benefit from a 40-hour program combining theory and practice, which will give you all the knowledge you need to pass the Transport Canada exam and obtain your certification.

Our specialized training courses
to make you more professional

Becoming a drone pilot is not a job in itself. Once you’ve obtained Transport Canada certification, you’ll need to continue your training in one or more areas of activity if you wish to specialize in a particular field.

Whether you’re working in agriculture, surveying, forestry, civil engineering or in a mine, sandpit or quarry … it’s how you use your drone that will determine your need to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Drone Matrice 300 DJI avec capteur Zenmuse L1


The aim of the training course is to introduce you to LiDAR and to help you perfect data acquisition and processing methods.

Écran d'ordinateur avec le logiciel PIX4D mapper

Pix4D mapper

The course will enable you to use PiX4D mapper to process images from any drone camera and produce accurate results.

Personnes faisant voler un drone Matrice 300 DJI

In-flight checks

This training course is designed to prepare you optimally for the renewal of your advanced operations license.

Drone DJI Phantom 4 analyses photogrammétrique et thermale des champs

Multispectral & Thermal

Understand all the operating principles of multispectral and thermal sensors, as well as the problems generated by the environment.

Groupe de personnes suivant une formation sur mesure sur les drones et leurs technologies embarquées

Customized training

This course is aimed at company directors, heads of local authority departments or government bodies, or anyone supervising drone activity within a structure and wishing to improve their skills on one or more specific points.

Formateur qui manipule un drone devant des personnes

Recreational for individuals

You’ve just acquired a new piece of equipment and would like to learn more about certain points? We’ll accompany you for a demonstration of the flight application or your drone, or a handover, etc…


The answer will depend on the equipment you use. For all drones weighing less than 250 grams, the answer is no.

Otherwise, you’ll need at least a Basic Operations License or an Advanced Operations License if you wish to fly in controlled airspace.

Depending on the course you choose, there are a number of financing options. The easiest way to find out whether or not your training is eligible is to contact one of our consultants.

All drones weighing between 250 g and 25 kg must be registered. This includes custom-built drones, ready-to-assemble drones or over-the-counter drones.

Drones weighing less than 250 g do not need to be registered, unless they are fitted with an object that increases their weight to 250 g or more.

You don’t need to register drones weighing more than 25 kg, but you do need to obtain a Specialized Flight Operations Certificate.

If you’d like to keep abreast of the latest regulations, you can visit the Transport Canada website.

This is the Department of Transport of the Canadian federal government. It is responsible for the development and application of regulations and policies in the field of inter-provincial and international transportation in Canada.

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  • Whether you’re an operator planning to integrate UAVs into your organization.

We’re sure to have the right course for you. You’ll benefit from our expertise to support you in all your projects.

Pilote professionel de drone DJI Phantom 4