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How to renew your drone pilot license ?

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Since June 1, 2019, Transport Canada has implemented regulations specific to drones in the form of Appendix IX of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. It has since become mandatory to obtain and possess a drone pilot certificate and above all, to keep your knowledge up to date. Indeed, according to the Transport Canada website :

It is important to keep your knowledge and skills up to date after obtaining your pilot certificate. Before flying a drone, you must have done one of the following within the previous 24 months :

  • Retake and pass either the basic operations exam or the advanced operations exam ;
  • Pass a flight review ;
  • Complete one of the following training activities ;
  • attend a safety seminar sponsored by Transport Canada Civil Aviation ;
  • complete a recurrent drone training program offered by a drone flight school ;
  • complete a self-study program sponsored by Transport Canada.

Important fact :

“Your pilot certificate does not expire, but you must be able to demonstrate that you have performed one of these activities each time you fly. »

For your information, DroneXperts, drone flight school since 2012, offers training recognized by Transport Canada allowing you to update your knowledge. This training results in the delivery of a dated, valid and recognized certificate, which you can present to anyone wishing to verify the validity of your drone pilot certificate.

Source : Transport Canada



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