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DJI Matrice 30T vs DJI Matrice 300 RTK : The comparison

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Which is the better drone for you: the DJI Matrice 30T or the DJI Matrice 300 RTK ?

It’s a fact that the M30T and the M300 RTK share fairly similar features. However, their subtle differences will be the key elements to help you choose the best drone for your needs.

Preparation and installation time

When comparing the M30T and M300 RTK in terms of setup time, the M30T matrix is much faster. From the moment you take it out of your vehicle, with the arms extended and the joystick turned on, the M30T can be in the air in under 40 seconds. The M300 RTK, on the other hand, requires the installation of the legs, camera and accessories necessary for the nature of its use. Installation time is estimated at 6 minutes and may be longer if you need to install the RTK. When you’re done, most of the M300 RTK needs to be disassembled since it’s much larger than the M30T which can be folded and stored easily.

We strongly recommend that both the M30T and M300 RTK be stored in their protective cases when traveling, especially when taking steep or off-pavement routes. The camera must be stored carefully.


Both the Matrice 30T and 300 RTK are equipped with folding arms that give you maximum portability, allowing you to easily carry them wherever you need them. However, the Matrice 30T is more compact than the 300 RTK, allowing you to fly in extreme conditions.

The Matrice 300 RTK comes with all propellers down, while the Matrice 30T comes with two propellers down and two propellers up, which provides greater stability when flying in difficult conditions.

In terms of build quality, the Matrice 30T is IP55 rated to withstand heavy rain. On the other hand, the Matrix 300 RTK has an IP45 rating, which means it can also withstand water, but you should be more careful with the 300 RTK.


About the cameras, the M30T has a camera attached directly to the drone included in the purchase. Its big brother, the M300 RTK however requires the installation of the sensor necessary for the nature of its use such as :

Comparison of the M30T camera and the H20T sensor

Zoom capacity

The main capability we need to address regarding the M30T camera and the H20T sensor is the zoom capability

M30T 16x optical to 200x vs M300 RTK 20x optical to 200x

The point of this small difference is that the M300 RTK outperforms the M30T with its longer range, but still has an identical zoom. Both cameras record clear, sharp and defined images.

Thermal capacities

Visually, the images look the same and it is difficult to see any significant differences. A common practical feature: you can split the screen and view a thermal image and a standard image at the same time.

The rangefinder (the optical instrument used to measure the distance between the drone and a distant point) is better on the M30T for a very obvious reason. With security and inspection as its main areas of use, the Matrice 30T allows you to act quickly to locate missing persons and better plan rescue missions or to easily visualize extensive power line networks in remote areas.

The batteries

M300 RTK: Flight time: 55 minutes (without payload)

M30T : Flight time : 41 minutes (without payload)

Important note! On the M30T when you insert the batteries, you can secure them with a latch providing you with the certainty that they are in place. Be careful when inserting the batteries into the M300 RTK, as they do not have a latch, you must rely on the clicking sound to ensure that they are properly installed. If you push too hard, you can crack the drone.

The distance

The DJI Matrice 300 and Matrice 30 have the ability to offer transmission (without interference) from 8km (SRRC or CE/MIC) up to 15km (NCC/FCC).

How much does a Matrice 300 RTK cost?

The price of an RTK drone is variable depending on your needs. Specifically, at DroneXperts, we offer the product not only for purchase, but also in short or long term rental service depending on your mission or project.

The Matrice 300 can be purchased from $10,000 CAD (basic RTK version) to $18,600 CAD for the D-RTK 2 (SP+) combo version. Contact us to get the best price quote for your needs.

How much does a Matrice 30 T cost?

The Matrice 30T can be purchased from $14,119 CAD single unit (SP) to $15,029 CAD single unit (SP+). In the basic combo version, it costs $14,949 CAD and $15,859 CAD in the combo version (SP+). Contact us to get the best price quote for your needs.

Comments and opinions of our eXperts in brief

  • When it comes to visually locating a target in the distance, it’s easier and faster to do so with the H20T sensor on the M300 RTK than the M30T camera.
  • Active Track”, which is used to track and follow, for example, a car, is much faster on the M30T.
  • For power line inspection, we opt for the M30T simply because it is faster to install and the zoom capabilities are more than enough to meet the needs of this type of use.
  • For the installation and maintenance of these telecommunication systems the Matrices are equivalent but still, the M300 surpasses thanks to its more powerful zoom.
  • We recommend the use of a landing mat for the Matrice 30T since it has no legs and therefore takes off very close to the ground. It can be difficult to get it off uneven or grassy ground.

Which drone should I choose between the DJI M30T and the DJI M300 RTK?

Having tested both drones on real missions, our eXperts recommend the Matrix 300 RTK for its versatility and interchangeability. If you are looking for a drone for its speed of deployment as well as its compact and practical aspect, the Matrice 30T is the one for you.



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