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Tips and tricks to improve your drone piloting technique

17 April x 12:00h

Available in French only

It's a date,
April 17 at 12:00 PM

You’re curious and want to learn more about
drone piloting? Or do you simply want to enjoy a chat and
information from experienced pilots? By registering, you will
learn a lot, I promise!

C’est un rendez-vous, April 17 at 12:00 PM

DroneXperts Webinar

On the program

  • Drone piloting tips and tricks
  • The many applications and uses of drones
  • Training and specialization
  • Transport Canada regulations

DroneXperts Webinar

What this webinar
will enable you


Meet and chat with experts in the field.


Make new discoveries in this constantly evolving field.


Ask specific questions and get answers.

They trust us

Our customers and

Our success is based on a solid alliance with our customers and partners. Their aspirations, challenges and trust shape our commitment to raising the standards of automated aviation. Every interaction with our customers becomes an opportunity to learn and grow together, while our partners play a crucial role in realizing our vision.

Their confidence testifies to our determination to reach new heights.

DroneXperts Webinar

The presenters


Daniel Ospinal

Workshop technician and pilot

With two years of experience on the DroneXpert team, Dan is very knowledgeable and passionate about the drone industry! He'll cover tips and tricks he's discovered along his journey as a professional drone pilot. Daniel has distinguished himself through his experience with a variety of equipment and his artistic eye.


Raphaël Pereira

Robotic technician and pilot

A valuable addition to this webinar, Raphael will bring another point of view with his years of experience as a pilot. He stands out with his adaptability as he designs and diagnoses drone robotics in our research and development department for our environmental solutions.

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