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“The era of forestery drones: How technology is redefining our approach to forest management”

11 July x 12:00h

Available in French only

It's a date,
July 11 at 12:00 PM

This captivating webinar explores revolutionary advances in forestry thanks to the use of drones. You’ll discover how drone technology is redefining our approach to forest management, offering unprecedented monitoring, assessment and conservation capabilities.

It’s a date, July 11 at 12:00 PM.

DroneXperts Webinar

On the program

  • The many applications and uses of drones in the forestry industry
  • Case Study
  • Useful tools for your analysis
  • Question Period

DroneXperts Webinar

What this webinar
will enable you


Meet and chat with experts in the field.


Make new discoveries in this constantly evolving field.


Ask specific questions and get answers.

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DroneXperts Webinar

The presenters


Pier-Yves Genest

Strategic Advisor

Pier-Yves is a recognized specialist in the use of drones for forestry operations. Thanks to its advanced technical skills, it has forged a solid reputation for professionalism and precision. His methodical approach and passion for sustainable forestry have enabled him to push the boundaries of drone use, opening up new perspectives for more efficient forest management."

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