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Strategic use of drones for thermal inspections of facades and roofs

29 August x 12:00h

Available in French only

It's a date,
August 29 at 12:00 PM

It’s an opportunity to discover how drones can revolutionize inspections in a variety of sectors. The webinar will explore the advantages of drones over traditional inspection methods and the applications of drones in visual and thermal inspections. Through inspiring case studies and practical advice, participants will understand how to strategically integrate drones into their existing inspection operations to improve efficiency and results.

DroneXperts Webinar

On the program

– The benefits and applications of drones for inspection
– Types of certified thermographs
– Complete inspection of building facades in compliance with Law 122
– Case studies
– UAV integration strategies

DroneXperts Webinar

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Meet and chat with experts in the field.


Make new discoveries in this constantly evolving field.


Ask specific questions and get answers.

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DroneXperts Webinar

The presenters


David Bibeau

Sales Representative

With his passion for technology and in-depth expertise, David helps companies optimize their operations and improve efficiency. His practical experience and in-depth knowledge of drones and imaging techniques make him an invaluable guide for this webinar.

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