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The complete guide to drone maintenance !

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You are owner and you work with a drone, responsible for maintenance and repair service or dealer, this article concerns you.

You are not unaware of the dangers of a failure of your drones. Would you take the risk of flying knowing that the company does not maintain these aircraft ? Probably not, considering that the repercussions can be fatal for you, for the people on the ground and the equipment (Equipment on the ground and the aircraft).

Here are 3 examples of the types of consequences of lack of or poor maintenance :

  • “Health and safety” risks and possibility of legal action ;
  • Material breakage resulting in monetary loss (Return on investment) ;
  • Failing your theft mission and losing credibility and reputation with customers.

How is the drone different from an airplane ?

According to Transport Canada, the drone is an aircraft in the same way as an airplane and is subject to regulations. We can therefore conclude that the maintenance of drones is essential in order to avoid the risks and types of consequences mentioned above, it must be regular and rigorous.

Bottom Line : Proper maintenance will not only limit risk, but will also optimize your performance, enhance your flight experience as a user, extend the life of your devices, and increase the return on investment.

7 technical checkpoints for proper control of your drones

The general integrity of the drone is to be taken into consideration

Indeed, there may be cracks or cracks on the various components and these may grow due to vibrations in flight. It is for this reason that frequent and diligent checks must be carried out. Contaminants could seep in and cause long-term problems. Cleaning is all the more necessary. The level of waterproofing could therefore be affected by cracks and thus no longer meet the manufacturer’s guarantees. In some drones we also check the humidity tablets.

The batteries

Charge cycle, voltage per cell, fouling of contacts, oxidation, cracks.
By checking the condition of the equipment, we can also help our customers to optimize their maintenance and storage. We can also test chargers if the hardware is present with the drone.
(A real battery test will also be performed on the Matrices 200, Matrices 210 with the Dyno-Xperts)

Modules, sensors and 3-axis gimbals

Updated D-RTK2 bases (+ Operation with the drone).
Calibration of the sensors if necessary and at start-up (the calibration test includes a test of the 3-axis support). If all the sensors are in place, a test will be carried out (RGB camera, thermal camera, Lidar, visual cameras.


Propellers are vital parts for flight. Frequent checking of these will avoid certain problems in flight such as a loss of lift. Flight range can also be affected by propellers in poor condition.

Even if you take them apart regularly while storing the drones, it is possible for the plastic to wear out or crack.


Very important to check the bearings if present, they can accelerate the engine overheating if they are too worn. Currently, no drone manufacturer or affiliated company has developed instrumentation to objectively and “scientifically” diagnose the wear and tear of each motor in a drone simultaneously.

We integrate the use of Dyno-Xperts in our tests, which allows us to prevent the risk of breakdowns thanks to a precise analysis of power losses. (DJI Matrice M200/210 series: 200 V1, 210V1, 210 RTK V1, 200 V2, 210 V2, 210 RTK V2.)

Firmware of the drone, the controller (remote control), sensors and sensors.

Software update and versions always up to date according to manufacturers’ recommendations.

Each update aims to correct known problems and bring new features or improve existing ones. It is therefore essential to have the latest versions of each piece of equipment to guarantee safe use.

Test in flight

The flight test validates the communications between the controller and the drone. A more important test is however recommended to put in situation the drone, the motors and the batteries.

Discover our certified repair and maintenance service.

Know-how in the maintenance and repair of drones: DroneXperts and the Dyno !

If you went to visit your car mechanic to diagnose an engine problem on your car and he only used his 4 senses (Sight, touch, smell and hearing), would that create a bond of trust ? with our mechanic ?

Considering the current technologies in vehicles, it’s a safe bet that you would see a real specialist working with adapted and innovative tools.

We can draw the same parallel for drones.

You own one or more Matrice 200 drones (DJI Matrice M200/210 series: 200 V1, 210V1, 210 RTK V1, 200 V2, 210 V2, 210 RTK V2) or Matrice 300.

It is essential that the maintenance manager can have at his disposal not only the required knowledge, but also the tools in order to carry out a complete inspection and to bring out the correct diagnoses.

To this end, DroneXperts, with the help of its R&D team, has developed a unique system to check and diagnose the condition of drone motors, the Dyno-Xperts.

This tool makes it possible to have objective and quantitative data (mechanical and electrical states) on the 4 motors simultaneously without having to disassemble any component unlike the usual “4 senses” methods involving one motor at a time.

« The Dyno test allows us to check the proper functioning of the motors, to check the state of the electrical circuit and to check the state of the batteries since everything is pushed to the limit during the test. In addition, during the check, we will check the temperature of each motor since a damaged bearing can create friction which will subsequently create heat. A damaged bearing will therefore cause a great loss of energy, limiting the performance of the drone. »

Joel, Specialist – DroneXperts Repair Technician

Coming back to DYNO, this innovation unique to DroneXperts, allows you to :

  • Diagnose in order to prevent engine failure in mid-flight (Crash) ;
  • Respect the recommendations of the manufacturers (check if this affects the guarantee) ;
  • Check that the motor power is optimal ;
  • Elevate your maintenance to a higher level for your customers or users.

The use of this system is carried out while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty, without disassembling any part of the drone, thus avoiding breaking it and reducing its tightness (Sealant) while saving time in human resources.

Take your maintenance to a higher level for your customers or users

How to Take Drone Maintenance Further with a Diagnostic Tool for Routine Inspections for Maintenance and Repair Service Managers or Drone Dealers

Why DroneXperts and Dyno-Xperts can take the maintenance of your drones further ?

Currently, no drone manufacturer or affiliated company has developed instrumentation to objectively and “scientifically” diagnose the wear and tear of each motor in a drone simultaneously.

Discover the Dyno and its advantages.

How is motor checking done in the drone industry ?

  • One engine at a time ;
  • Touch the motor with your hand to validate the temperature (overheating) ;
  • We listen to the noise ;
  • Vibrations and friction are checked ;
  • We dismantle a problematic motor and then reassemble another motor in its place.



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