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Master aerial cartography: Discover Pix4D and its applications

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Pix4D Fundamentals

Aerial mapping has transformed the way we understand and interact with our world, becoming an indispensable tool in agriculture, construction and environmental management. At the heart of this revolution is the Pix4D software range, which uses advanced photogrammetric algorithms to convert aerial images into cartographic data and 3D models. Available in several versions, Pix4D offers solutions for professionals in agriculture, construction, the environment and more.

Pix4D applications in various sectors

Pix4D Discovery: the gateway to the world of photogrammetry

Pix4D Discovery is the gateway to the world of photogrammetry and aerial mapping offered by Pix4D, world leader in photogrammetry software solutions. Designed as an introductory version, Pix4D Discovery allows users to get to grips with the software’s basic functions without any financial investment, offering an opportunity for beginners, students and professionals wishing to explore the potential of photogrammetry.

Main features :

Free access to basic functionality : Pix4D Discovery offers an overview of Pix4D’s photogrammetric processing capabilities, enabling users to transform aerial images into simplified 3D models and orthomosaic maps.
Intuitive user interface: Designed for ease of learning and use, Pix4D Discovery features a user-friendly interface that guides users through the data processing process, making photogrammetry accessible to all.
Visualization and sharing: Although limited in its advanced processing capabilities, this version nevertheless lets you visualize project results and share interactive previews of 3D models with others, facilitating communication and collaboration on basic projects.

Advantages :

Risk-free discovery: Pix4D Discovery is a risk-free option for those who are curious about photogrammetry but reluctant to invest in a complete software package without first understanding its value and how it works.
Training and education: For educators and students, Pix4D Discovery serves as a valuable teaching tool, enabling exploration of the principles of photogrammetry and aerial mapping in a professional software environment.
Easy transition to more advanced versions: Users new to Pix4D Discovery can easily progress to more advanced versions of Pix4D, such as PIX4Dmapper or PIX4Dmatic, to access more sophisticated processing features.

Applications :

Although Pix4D Discovery doesn’t offer all the advanced features of the paid versions, it remains a good tool for simple photogrammetry projects and for users wishing to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts of creating 3D models and maps from aerial data. These include educational applications, visualization of small-scale construction or landscape projects, and presentations of architectural or land-use concepts.

PIX4Dfields: the benchmark for precision farming

PIX4Dfields is an advanced software solution specially designed to meet the unique needs of precision agriculture. By harnessing the power of photogrammetry and aerial imagery, PIX4Dfields transforms data captured by drones equipped with multispectral cameras into actionable information for farmers, agronomists and researchers. This innovation enables more efficient crop management, optimizes resources and significantly improves crop yields.

Key features and functions :

Fast data processing: PIX4Dfields is designed to offer fast, efficient image processing, enabling users to obtain results almost in real time. This is crucial for making timely agricultural decisions, especially in conditions where time is of the essence.
Precise multispectral analysis: the software provides detailed analysis through the calculation of vegetation indices, enabling crop stress to be detected, plant health to be assessed and growth variations to be monitored over time.
Prescription and variable application maps: PIX4Dfields generates prescription maps that can be used directly to guide agricultural machinery in the variable application of inputs. This optimizes the use of resources while minimizing environmental impact.
Intuitive user interface: With a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface, PIX4Dfields is accessible even to users with limited technology experience. The software offers simple yet powerful analysis and visualization tools, making data interpretation easy and efficient.
Compatibility with various sensors and drones: PIX4Dfields is compatible with a wide range of drones and multispectral sensors, giving users the flexibility to choose the equipment that best suits their specific needs.

Agricultural applications :

Optimized water management: By identifying which areas of the field require more or less irrigation, farmers can use water more efficiently.
Early detection of pests and diseases: The analyses provided by PIX4Dfields enable early detection of crop anomalies, facilitating rapid intervention to limit damage.
Harvest planning: Detailed information on crop health and maturity helps to plan harvests more accurately, ensuring optimum quality and quantity.

PIX4Dmapper: the photogrammetry standard

PIX4Dmapper is widely recognized as the benchmark solution for photogrammetry, offering powerful tools for transforming aerial and terrestrial images into accurate maps and 3D models. This software is particularly appreciated for its flexibility and adaptability to a multitude of applications, from surveying and mapping to infrastructure inspection and site management.

Key features :

Input versatility: PIX4Dmapper processes data captured by virtually any type of camera, including drones, handheld cameras and terrestrial scanners, offering great flexibility in data collection.
Detailed 3D modeling: The software generates high-quality, textured 3D models, ideal for site visualization, project planning and real estate development.
Precise mapping: PIX4Dmapper excels in the creation of orthomosaic maps and digital surface models (DSMs), essential for topographic analysis and volume measurement.

Applications :

Professionals from a wide range of sectors use PIX4Dmapper to obtain accurate and reliable geospatial data. Surveyors use the software for topographic surveys, while construction companies use it for site monitoring. In the agricultural sector, PIX4Dmapper helps to analyze crop health and optimize land use.

PIX4Dmatic: large-scale photogrammetry

Designed to meet the challenges of large-scale mapping projects, PIX4Dmatic is a recent Pix4D innovation that enables the efficient processing of large datasets. This software is optimized for projects requiring the manipulation of thousands of images without compromising accuracy or quality of results.

Key features :

Massive data processing: PIX4Dmatic can handle large-scale projects, efficiently processing thousands of images for fast, accurate mapping.
Advanced automation: With enhanced automation features, the software reduces the need for manual intervention, facilitating a smoother, more efficient workflow.
Geospatial accuracy: Despite its focus on large volumes of data, PIX4Dmatic makes no compromises on accuracy, delivering reliable geospatial results for mission-critical analysis.

Applications :

PIX4Dmatic is ideal for large-area surveying projects, such as corridor surveys, watershed mapping or large-scale environmental monitoring. Governments and large corporations in particular benefit from its ability to provide accurate data over vast territories.


PIX4Dmapper and PIX4Dmatic represent two facets of Pix4D’s complete photogrammetry solution. While PIX4Dmapper offers unrivalled versatility and accuracy for a wide range of medium-sized applications, PIX4Dmatic is the solution of choice for large-scale mapping projects requiring the processing of vast datasets. Together, these tools provide professionals with the means to capture and analyze the physical world with unprecedented precision, efficiency and scale.

PIX4Dcloud: the online photogrammetric processing platform

PIX4Dcloud is an online photogrammetric processing platform that extends the capabilities of Pix4D software by enabling users to process, analyze and share their geospatial data directly via the cloud. This innovative solution considerably simplifies the photogrammetric workflow by providing remote access to Pix4D’s powerful processing functions, without the need for high-end hardware or complex software installations.

Key features :

Automated processing: PIX4Dcloud automates the process of converting drone-captured aerial imagery into accurate 3D models, orthomosaic maps, and other photogrammetric deliverables, reducing the time and effort needed to achieve results.
Easy access and sharing: The platform makes it easy to share results with stakeholders and customers via secure web links, enabling effective collaboration and rapid decision-making based on the latest data.
Intuitive visualization: PIX4Dcloud offers advanced visualization tools that enable users to examine their data from different angles, make precise measurements and annotate directly on models and maps for detailed analysis.

Advantages :

Accessibility: By moving data processing to the cloud, PIX4Dcloud makes photogrammetry accessible to small businesses and independent professionals who may not have the resources to invest in advanced hardware configurations.
Operational efficiency: The ability to process data remotely and collaborate online can dramatically speed up projects and improve operational efficiency, especially for teams working on multiple sites or in mobile situations.
Simplified updates and maintenance: Because PIX4Dcloud is hosted online, users automatically benefit from the latest software updates and enhancements without having to worry about system maintenance or upgrades.

Applications :

PIX4Dcloud’s simplicity and flexibility make it ideal for a diverse range of applications, from topographic surveys and infrastructure inspection to construction project management and precision agriculture. Professionals in these sectors can use PIX4Dcloud to accelerate project delivery, improve communication with customers and stakeholders, and make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data.

In conclusion, PIX4Dcloud represents a major advance in photogrammetry, offering an efficient and accessible solution for processing, analyzing and sharing geospatial data. Its combination of automated features, collaboration capabilities and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for professionals seeking to maximize the impact of their cartographic and photogrammetric projects.

Pix4D compared with Agisoft Metashape and DroneDeploy

Pix4D stands out for its precision and flexibility, offering specific solutions for a variety of applications. Although DroneDeploy offers a user-friendly interface and cloud integration, and Agisoft Metashape offers a 3D modeling module, Pix4D remains the preferred choice for professionals looking for detailed analysis and advanced customization.


Pix4D is more than just aerial mapping software; it’s a complete solution that transforms the way geospatial data is collected, analyzed and used. With its range of advanced features and sector-specific applications, Pix4D is the ideal tool for anyone seeking to master aerial cartography and exploit the full potential of spatial data. Of course, it’s essential to have the right drone and to follow best practices in image capture.

DroneXperts, your center of expertise

At DroneXperts, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of drone technology to provide advanced aerial mapping solutions. Our team of experts uses the most sophisticated tools, such as Pix4D, to transform aerial images into precise, usable geospatial data, offering our customers unrivalled insights for their projects.

Our training center

Our training center is designed to equip professionals and enthusiasts with the skills they need to excel in the use of drones for mapping. Our certified trainers offer hands-on courses on Pix4D, teaching you how to process, analyze and share aerial data. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to perfect your skills, our training courses are tailored to your needs.

Our support program

To ensure the success of your aerial mapping projects, DroneXperts offers a comprehensive support program. From initial support in choosing your equipment to advanced technical assistance for your specific projects, our team is there to support you every step of the way.



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