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How DroneXperts can support you in a context of labor shortage ?

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In a recent press release, the Business Development Bank of Canada pointed out that :

“The labor shortage has been a challenge for 10 years in Canada, but the pandemic has made it worse. More than half (55%) of Canadian entrepreneurs are struggling to hire the workforce they need: and you know what, hiring challenges are here to stay”BDC, How to adapt to the labor shortage.

It is in this sense that DroneXperts wishes to support its customers and partners by offering them tailor-made solutions to deal with these growing problems.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of areas of expertise in which we can intervene :

Difficulties you may encounter as an employer

1st difficulty : face a shortage of labor and/or qualified personnel.

Our solution :
Help you optimize the skills of your current employees and/or make our staff available to you for your field operations in order to carry out your vector data collection missions with complete peace of mind.

In recent years, Quebec has seen its population become increasingly aging and a large number of baby boomers will leave the job market by 2026. This risks causing a loss of know-how and knowledge in your business and thus impact your competitive advantage given a lack of qualified personnel.

This will result in possible work overloads and overtime for employees who remain in place and will force you to postpone or refuse mandates and will directly impact the competitiveness of your company.

We understand that this lack of qualified personnel is a major issue for any company wishing to increase its turnover. Supporting you in developing skills within your teams in order to increase your autonomy and know-how is an integral part of our values.

Do you have operations to carry out and you do not have the necessary manpower or training time ? Do you want to avoid falling behind in your projects ? DroneXperts offers you to carry out with you, in all serenity, your vector data collection missions by drone with the help of our team composed of qualified and certified technicians.

Our expertise, for your business.

2nd difficulty : invest in advanced technology to remain competitive.

Our solution :
Accompany you in the development of your growth projects by offering you state-of-the-art equipment adapted to your needs and your budget.

Do you want to invest in equipment with high performance and quality without negatively impacting your cash flow ? DroneXperts can help you acquire the equipment you want by offering you an alternative that will meet your needs with short, medium or long-term rental offers with various additional services included or not. With this solution, you are sure to be able to remain competitive.

Our vocation is to become your privileged referent and it is in this very particular social and economic context that we can also study offers to buy back your equipment so that you can renew your technology in complete peace of mind.

Nevertheless, if you wish to keep your equipment, we can just as well take care of you and your devices by offering you maintenance offers by a team of certified technicians.

DroneXperts wants to offer you real solutions that will not only help you avoid financial losses, but also help you achieve your growth objectives.

We aim to create lasting relationships in order to become your reference center of expertise to support you in the development of your organization and offer you innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

3rd difficulty : Deal with the departures of your high-potential employees.

Our solution :
Participate and support you in your R&D and innovation projects.

Another consequence of the labor shortage : One in four companies, or 26% of entrepreneurs, has difficulty retaining employees. In a recovering economic context, entrepreneurs are snapping up high-potential employees, which will accentuate this problem, thus forcing companies to devote more time and energy to hiring their staff and thus postpone their innovation projects.

Our clients are looking for innovative and efficient solutions in order to do better, and to do things well, especially in a context of labor shortage.

Our team of experts allows you to carry out your projects, from planning to design and validation of results. Our internal resources and our various partners such as :

– The Quebec Industrial Research Center (CRIQ) ;

– Investment Quebec (IQ) ;

– The Center of Expertise in Environmental Analysis of Quebec (CEAEQ) ;

– Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change – MELCC ;

– National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS).

These and many others give us expertise in project planning, certified drone pilots, industry-certified technical specialists, various on-board sensors, the environmental field, geomatics, data analysis and validation.



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