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Forestry Science Week exhibition: “Forêt pas jouer avec le feu” (“Forest, don’t play with fire”)

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On March 23 and 24, Université Laval will be opening its doors to forestry science enthusiasts at its annual fair. This year’s flagship event, organized as part of Forest Science Week (FSW), will highlight the captivating theme:“Forest, not fire“. These days promise to be rich in exchanges, discoveries and reflections on current and future forestry-related challenges.

Introducing Forestry Science Week

Forestry Science Week is a major forestry event in Quebec. Organized each year by Université Laval, it aims to bring together key players in the sector, from researchers and professionals to students and nature enthusiasts. This theme week provides a platform for exchanging and sharing knowledge, as well as a unique opportunity to discuss environmental and socio-economic issues related to forest resources.

Detailed program of activities

Forest Science Week kicks off on March 23 and 24 with a series of lectures by renowned experts in the field of forest management. These presentations will address various aspects of the issues, from prevention to the use and restoration of ecosystems. Discussion and exchange sessions will enable participants to delve deeper into the subjects that interest them and share their experiences.

At the same time, participants will be able to take part in hands-on workshops to discover the latest technological innovations and best practices in forestry.

Linking research and practice

One of the main aims of the show is to encourage dialogue between scientific research and practitioners in the field. By bringing together researchers, who develop new knowledge and technologies, and forest managers, who implement these solutions on a daily basis, the event aims to encourage innovation and the adoption of more efficient and sustainable practices.

The Salon de la forêt: a not-to-be-missed event

In conjunction with Forestry Science Week, the Salon de la forêt will bring together numerous exhibitors from the forestry sector, offering participants the opportunity to discover the latest innovations in forestry-related materials, equipment and services. Representatives of governmental organizations, private companies and trade associations will be on hand to present their products and exchange views with visitors.

DroneXperts solutions

Among the exhibitors at the Salon de la forêt, DroneXperts will stand out for its innovative forestry solutions. Specializing in the use of drones to monitor and map areas affected by fires, for example, DroneXperts offers a full range of services designed to help forest managers in their mission to protect ecosystems.

Among the exhibitors at the Salon de la forêt, DroneXperts, a leader in its field, will be presenting advanced technological solutions to meet today’s forest management challenges. Thanks to the use of drones equipped with sophisticated sensors, the company offers invaluable tools for monitoring, analyzing and managing forests efficiently and sustainably.

Forestry solutions from DroneXperts

Here are just a few examples of the specialized services offered by DroneXperts to meet the diverse needs of our forest management customers.

  • Aerial surveillance: UAVs equipped with high-resolution cameras or sensors enable precise, real-time aerial surveillance of forest areas, facilitating the rapid detection of fires, the monitoring of animal populations or the prevention of illegal activities.
  • Cartography and 3D modeling: Advanced cartography techniques enable forest managers to produce detailed 3D models of forests, enabling topographical data to be visualized and analyzed with great precision.

If you’d like to find out more, visit our forestry page and contact one of our advisors to discuss your project.

Our training center

In addition to its surveillance and mapping services, DroneXperts also offers specialized training courses for professionals. These courses enable participants to acquire the skills they need to use drones effectively in their fire-fighting and prevention missions.

Université Laval’s Salon de la Forêt offers a unique opportunity to discover the latest technological innovations and best practices in forest management. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our stand to learn more about the tailor-made solutions we offer, and benefit from our expertise in drones for natural resource management.



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