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In order to realize your business ambitions, DroneXperts has set up a center of expertise that has developed know-how over time. This know-how is made available to you to help you and your organization deal with current challenges in terms of innovation, the environment and labor shortages.

Here are some of the issues faced by our customers who call on our center of expertise :

1st challenge : The investment involved in integrating drones into a company.

Our solution: Allow you to rent and try the latest technological innovations embedded on Drone.

This first issue is part of our values, that is to say the behaviors that we recommend to our customers, namely, to support you in developing a culture of results, mutual assistance and continuous improvement in your company.

So, are you at the stage of reviewing your ways of doing things and would you like to integrate the latest technologies embedded in drones into your business practices ? Before making this investment, renting is a good way to test the latest technological innovations embedded in drones before investing in sustainable competitive advantages.

In addition, our team supports you in the process of choosing technologies according to your needs.

2nd challenge: Have access to technologies that enable eco-responsible practices.

Our solution : Our Enviro-Xperts product line.

This second issue is directly linked to our societal objective, namely :
“Reduce the ecological footprint of as many organizations as possible”
Under pressure from consumers, major contractors, but also numerous laws adopted by the various levels of government in the face of environmental issues, organizations must adopt new eco-responsible practices,
Both in air, water and soil. To do this, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our Enviro-Xperts product line to help you make decisions in order to reduce your ecological footprint and help you meet this challenge.

  • Enviro-Xperts products :
  • Surface water sampler ;
  • Air sampler ;
  • Real-time air analysis and sampling ;
  • Thrust and torque measurement bench for drone Dyno-Experts.

3rd challenge: The lack of expertise needed to develop new technologies embedded in drones.

Our solution: Participate and support you in your R&D and innovation projects.

This third issue refers to our reason for acting, namely to be recognized as the precursor in innovative solutions in robotics and new technologies. integrated/embedded on drone.
Our clients are looking for innovative and efficient solutions in order to do better, and to do things well, especially in a context of labor shortage.
Our team of experts allows you to carry out your projects, from planning to design and validation of results. Our internal resources and our various partners such as :

  • the Center for Industrial Research of Quebec (CRIQ) ;
  • Investment Quebec (IQ) ;
  • the Center of Expertise in Environmental Analysis of Quebec (CEAEQ) ;
  • the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change (MELCC) ;
  • National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS).

These and many others provide us with expertise in project planning, certified drone pilots, industry-certified technical specialists, various on-board sensors, the environmental field, geomatics, data analysis and validation.
As President of DroneXperts, I would like to conclude on this note by telling you that we have given ourselves major orientations in order to help you achieve your growth ambitions.
Our offer is designed not to compete with you, but to help guide you in your best business practices that make you competitive. We provide you with our expertise and our solutions to make your company an innovative, eco-responsible and state-of-the-art organization.
We are proud to be YOUR center of expertise, and we are proud that you trust us to make your drone integration projects a reality in your organization.

Jonathan Dupont Champagne
President of DroneXperts



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