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Discover the practices of site surveillance by drones and their advantages

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Would you like to know about new site monitoring practices and their advantages?

As the various professions in the field of construction have pointed out for several years, the methods of site supervision and monitoring are constantly evolving. Everyone knows that technology is changing rapidly and those who adopt it are the ones who stand out to their customers.
In order to allow you to discover new site monitoring practices, this article aims to provide a reminder of the methods and technologies currently available as well as the resulting opportunities for all construction professionals.

Reminder of the available methods and their advantages

Site supervision is important to ensure the quality of deliverables and confirm the completion of plans and specifications. It also remains very important to reduce the health and safety risks of the teams in addition to monitoring the progress of the work and evaluating non-compliances. Surveillance also makes it possible to prevent crimes on construction sites (theft of equipment and construction materials).

Methods of surveillance or follow-up of construction sites

  • 3D scanners
    Allow readings with precision of 2-3 cm, these surveys make it possible to validate the conformity of the achievements and the deviations from the plans and specifications.
  • Wifi fixed cameras in CCTV (Closed-circuit television)
    Complex installation, wifi network required, practical for live monitoring, but requires significant infrastructure and presence in front of the screens.
  • Live monitoring on foot
    Allows you to move relatively everywhere, but makes site supervisors take risks.
  • Monitoring sensors
    Detect gases or risks of poisoning (town gas or CO2) with manual sensors in risk areas. The sensors can also be installed in the area with data reception via Wifi.
  • Drones
    On-board LiDAR sensors take to the skies to perform accurate 3D surveys quickly and HD cameras enable high-quality photogrammetry surveys. Thanks to on-board sensors and cameras, in addition to rapid deployment, the drone reduces the risk of personnel movement, in all lighting conditions (Visual or infrared). HD cameras give you images that today totally defy the best cameras or cameras.

The democratization of the use of drones appears obvious when we list their advantages: size, rapid deployment, quality of cameras, operating costs. It is also increasingly simple to pilot these devices to make them make automated flights.

If you want to learn more about this tool and consider the use of drones in the new practices of “construction 4.0 *” you can read our article What are the 7 gains you can get from using drones on construction sites of construction, to learn more about the benefits, click here !

*Source : Construction in the age of drones – Published on January 25, 2021 at 6:30 a.m. by Francis Vailles – LA PRESSE.



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