CHASING M2 Pro Drone Sous-marin Professionnel Caméra 4K Ultra HD
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Chasing M2 Pro - Chasing M2 Pro avec câble de 200 m + 300 Wh + carte SD 128 Go + étui rigide exclusif

6,500.00 $ 6,500.00 $ 6500.0 CAD

6,500.00 $

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Chasing M2 Pro - Chasing M2 Pro avec câble de 200 m + 300 Wh + carte SD 128 Go + étui rigide exclusif

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Chasing Innovation has officially released the next generation of its industrial underwater ROVs, CHASING M2 Pro. It can be applied to commercial applications such as underwater search and rescue, water conservancy and hydropower inspection, scientific exploration, hull & dock inspection, aquaculture inspection and more!


6,500.00 $ 6,500.00 $ 6500.0 CAD

6,500.00 $

(0% off)

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    Canadian distributor


    Stronger Power, More Accessories, Various Power Supply (AC & DC)

    Light Industrial grade underwater ROV for

    professional and enterprise customers.

    Stronger power, 
    4 Knots Speed

    700Wh battery,
    5 hrs battery life
    Unlimited battery life with AC power supply
    USBL underwater positioning, Multibeam sonar and more accessories
    Maximum dive depth 150 meters(490 FT)
    4K+EIS Image Stabilization,F1.8 Aperture

    Chasing M2 PRO

    is a professional underwater ROV designed for professionalusers and industrial applications. M2 Pro has 8 VectoredThrusters layout which allows OMNI movement in all directions.Compared to the CHASING M2, the M2 Pro motor has beenupgraded by 50%. The Maximum speed is 4 Knots, depth is150 meters (490 FT) and the maximum horizontal radius is 400meters (1300FT). M2 pro support AC and battery hybrid powersupply to achieve unlimited battery life. Not only compatiblewith sophisticated attachments such as Grabber Claw,Floodlight and laser scaler etc,but also compatible with ControlConsole (High-brightness Screen), Docking station, USBLunderwater positioning, 700Wh battery, Multibeam sonar,Auxiliary Camera and other M2 Pro Exclusive EnhancedAccessories. CHASING M2 Pro offers a built in 4K/ 1080p and12 megapixel EIS image stabilization camera, 4000 lumen LEDlights, removable battery and removable Micro SD memorycard. The aluminum alloy compact body (weighs less than 6KG/ 13lbs) allows single person operation and Quick-Deploymentin 3 minutes. The CHASING M2 Pro is your portable, easy useand reliable light industrial underwater ROV.

    Stronger power,
    4 Knots speed

    • 8 Vectored-Thrusters Layout, Anti-Stuck Motor.

    • Single motor power 150W, allows OMNI movement in alldirections with 4 Knots speed(2m/s).

    Stronger Power Anti-Stuck Motor, 4 Knots Anti-Flow

    The anti-stuck motor is 150W and the power has been upgraded by 50% compared to the Chasing M2 motor, which can resist the flow of water at 4 knots (2m/s) in all directions.

    Omni Movement, Multi-Angle Shooting

    CHASING M2 PRO has 8 vectored thrusters layout which allows OMNI movement in all directions. Under any posture, the depth can be set with one key, which can ensure the drone to accurately hover to achieve any perspective shooting, observation and operation needs of any angle of view.

    Forward and Backward

    Floating and Diving
    Lateral Movement
    Turn Left / Turn Right
    ±90° Pitch and Tilt
    Rolling 360°
    (Side-to-side & Forward and back)

    More Exclusive Accessories to Meet More Professional Scenarios

    Not only compatible with CHASING M2's attachments such as Grabber Claw, Diving Light and Laser Scaler etc, but also compatible with Control Console (High-brightness Screen), Docking Station, USBL Underwater Positioning, Multibeam Sonar, Auxiliary Camera and other M2 PRO exclusive enhanced accessories.

    Control Console

    The control console is used for operating the underwater ROV and all accessories. The keys are well laid out for more professional control. 

    With the high brightness screen, the picture is clearly visible even in daylight.

    USBL Underwater Positioning

    It can accurately locate the location of underwater drones and record their movement tracks. Combination solution: USBL + Unmanned Surface Vehicle + Control Console + Docking Station.

    Multibeam Sonar

    It generates a wide range of high-quality images through acoustic reflection to enable fast search and target positioning, no longer affected by muddy water. Combination solution: Multibeam Sonar (support other brands) + Sonar Tether + Docking Station.