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Public safety, emergency/disaster response

Drone tech for public safety

The UAV has a huge advantage in the field of public safety, as its deployment time is almost instantaneous. Its interest is not only in providing rapid support to operations, it is also and above all a decision-making tool, whether live or after the fact. It is a perfect element to assist teams in the field in risk-taking situations as Emergency Response & Disaster (high-risk sites for teams, hazardous materials, direct danger). 

DroneXperts offers you a choice of services, products, software and training (Drones and equipment) for application in the field of public safety.

Its applications

  • Prevention: resource management, information in the field; 

  • Preparation: planning and organization;

  • Intervention: decision, deployment, strategy validation; 

  • Recovery: observation, estimation/evaluation and information management. 

Les drones sont des outils de travail des services de sécurité qui permettent d’améliorer la sécurité offerte à la population. 

"In 2017, 347 police departments in 43 U.S. states were using UAVs to assist officers in the field.* There are now more than 1,578 departments (local police, sheriffs, fire and emergency services).**
* Bachman Justin, “How U.S. Police Departments Are Using Drones,” Daily Herald, April 15, 2017. https://www.dailyherald.com/article/20170415/business/170419246/ 
**PUBLIC SAFETY DRONES, 3rd EDITION, DAN GETTINGER, MARCH 2020 https://dronecenter.bard.edu/files/2020/03/CSD-Public-Safety-Drones-3rd-Edition-Web.pdf 

In the United States, the police use drones for search and rescue, recreating a crime scene, investigating situations with active shooters, inspecting suspicious incidents, and monitoring large crowds.    


Police - Security  

  • Police operations with thermal camera or underwater drone 

  • Police surveillance with HD visual camera 

  • Kidnapping and disappearance 

  • Investigations and Reconstitutions 

  • Crowd control with HD visual camera 

  • Monitoring and support for remote monitoring and removal of doubts 

Search and Rescue 

  • Search and rescue with thermal and visual camera 

  • In the event of a natural disaster, UAVs are used to fly over territories that are inaccessible in order to make quick decisions. 


  • Follow-up of events such as fires by photo and thermal camera  

  • UAVs are used to locate fires in wilderness areas  

  • UAVs can be sent inside a burning building to detect hot spots, to help firefighters assess the risk of collapse. (Emergency/disaster response)

In the field 

Concrete applications in public security in the field are great, here are other examples in addition to DroneXperts' service offerings

  • Crisis management; 

  • Terrorist threat; 

  • Hostage taking; 

  • Attacks; 

  • Active shooter; 

  • Border surveillance; 

  • Major Firefighting; Forest Fires; Fire Detection; Hot Spot Detection; Direct Support to Operations; 24-7 Surveillance  
    Mapping Camp Fire With Drones

Courses and advanced training

Drone piloting, photogrammetry training, LiDAR, Multispectral and Thermal training.

Discover possibilities


      Technologies used, the DroneXperts offer  

      DroneXperts offers you a choice of services, products, software and training (Drones and equipment) for application in the field of public safety.

      UAVs remain one of the most suitable means of generating data that can be quickly used by law enforcement or firefighters. You can benefit from numerous performance enhancements for thermal1 and visual cameras, digital zooms assisted by GPS positioning (RTK) will allow you to deal with situations in the field. Also, the accessories are additional assets, the flood light allows you to optimize your searches and the loudspeaker to communicate directly during a search or removal of doubt in surveillance. 
      1 Capturing fire videos with the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual 

      DJI MAtrice 300 RTK

      DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom 

      DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

      Evo 2 Dual

      Chasing M2


      Chasing M2 Pro

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