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We will guide you in the complete integration of drones in your company

Before building a UAV program, it's important to ask the right questions. We're here to guide you, from needs analysis to training organization and management, from equipment purchase to maintenance program planning—and all the way to the exploitation of your results.      

The first step is undoubtedly the most important: defining the benefits for your company. You will be able to do this by reading as many case studies as possible to adapt your vision. 

Deployment and efficiency
For example, we have been approached by companies that wanted to quickly assess the condition of building structures. We were able to quickly identify their needs and deploy our UAV for photogrammetry. 

Consider also the return on investment
We evaluated the volume of aggregates from a sand pit at the beginning and during the season. We were able to precisely establish the volume extracted by an operator, and as a result, the volumetric calculation allowed us to recover nearly $200K in royalties.

Financing options

Explore the benefits of financing your equipment with DroneXperts.

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Cost of the UAV program. 

You can indeed compare the current cost of your operations versus the cost with UAVs, but the UAV program can bring you more than these benefits. Add the safety aspect and the fact that you can use your people where they will be most effective. 

Ready to move forward and integrate the UAVs program into your daily operations? Talk to our experts!

7 steps to successful integration of the UAV program

  1. Evaluate how the use of drones could save you time and money. Our experts dedicated to your field will guide you in the application possibilities and your choices of use.

  2. Establish your technological and field application needs. 

    Our technical advisors and advisers will be able to help you in your choice of technologies (brands, UAVs, accessories, transport cases, battery management). 

  3. Establish your budget. You will have to allocate a budget for training, equipment, software and take advantage of this opportunity to also evaluate the functions and management time you will offer to your personnel (you can opt for a lease  inancing options). financing options))

  4. Establish UAV operating procedures and policies (the Operations Manual). Every program has its documentation, in compliance with regulatory standards and compliance. This ranges from the establishment of insurance policies to rules of conduct, incident management or the establishment of guidelines on the respect of customer privacy.

  5. Choose your operators who will be accompanied in the process. The choice of people is not only based on their skills in your field but also on their openness to develop other technical skills.

  6. Train your operators. Training remains a major point to know and master the country's regulations. You will have to comply with Transport Canada regulations and any internal rules that you will put in place.

  7. Choose the people who will use your data and train them. You may indeed be able to train additional staff, pilots and reporters. For example, the use of software such as Pix4D requires knowledge in photogrammetry and 3D modeling.

DroneXperts, your drone program partner 

DroneXperts can become your partner to accompany you in your approach, in all steps.

Our experts dedicated to your field will guide you in the possibilities of application and your choices of use. Whether you work in quarrying, mining exploration or geomatics, our passionate teams have the knowledge for you.

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