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Drone technology for mining industry

Drone tech for mining

The integration of photogrammetry and laser scanning for mapping in open pit mines has been widespread for several years now. What managers are looking for are additional decision-making tools to help them increase the profitability of mine sites and better manage operations.  

The applications of the UAV are unlimited; the potential of this technology is applicable throughout the process, from site security (surveillance, rescue), exploration and development (geotechnical data capture, photography, 3D modeling and remote sensing), and operations (extraction evaluation, volumetrics and transportation). 

"In addition to optimized operations and better safety control, the main benefit of UAVs is the cost of deployment compared to traditional survey methods." 
Jonathan Dupont Champagne, CEO of DroneXperts.

UAV technology, combined with increasingly accurate sensors, is bringing real benefits to the mining industry (RGB photogrammetry cameras, LiDAR sensors, air sampling sensors, GNSS RTK): 

Drone air sampling

Drone air sampling service and onboard measurements 

Discover the benefits

Benefits for mining

  • Operating costs related to UAVs are lower than the costs of traditional survey methods; 

  • Provides fast, accurate and complete site data in a very short period of time; 

  • Volumetric surveys assist in ore extraction planning for better operations management and inventory knowledge;

  • These tools facilitate decision making during drilling or blasting. They also allow post-action analysis;

  • UAVs allow a rapid assessment of hazards (on-site security) and a reduction in site movements (Truck rolls, personnel on site).


Types of services offered by DroneXperts in the field of mining

  • Topographic field survey by LiDAR (Digital Terrain Model and Digital Surface Model);  

  • Photogrammetric topographic survey (DTM and DSM); 

  • Volumetric soil or aggregate survey (volumetry); 

  • Rock wall survey; 

  • Real-time gas analysis (DroneXpAIR); 

  • Air sampling (sampling); 

  • Gas mapping of zones (georeferencing) after blasting; 

  • Environmental emergency services (spill and pollution characterization).


  • Consulting services (procurement, training, technologies, R&D)  

  • Pilot training 

  • Training in photogrammetry 

  • Mine site prospecting with a magnetometer (low-altitude geophysical magnetic prospecting)

  • Riparian Band analysis 

  • Gas survey, facility inspection and volume surveys 


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      A complete range of technologies 

      As the authorized distributor of many recognized brands in the UAV market, DroneXperts offers tailor-made solutions and services based on each project’s unique needs.

      DJI Matrice 300 RTK

      + Caméra thermique et visuelle Flir XT2, DJI H20

      DJI Série Matrice 200

      + Caméra thermique et visuelle Flir XT2

      Technologie LiDAR



      (Système ou laboratoire d’échantillonnage d'air & mesures embarquées sur drones) 

      DJI Phantom 4 RTK

      Evo 2 Pro

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