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Civil Engineering, Industry & Energy

Inspection and monitoring of civil engineering, industry and energy projects using UAVs 

UAVs are key tools in engineering, industry and infrastructure management. They enable you to assess the progress of a construction site more quickly than with traditional surveying or photography methods. UAVS can monitor and optimize the management of operations as well as control health and safety risks. 

UAVs allow for:

  • Visual inspections with cameras, some of which have powerful zooms, and inspections of finishes and details of the envelope of structures, 

  • Aerial thermal inspections to get a complete picture of the envelope of residential, commercial or industrial buildings (infrared thermal sensors) or solar panels (solar parks)

  • Inspections of power lines, power pylons, wind turbines or hydroelectric dams

  • 3D photogrammetry and conformity assessments during audits 

  • BIM 1 construction information modeling (digitization of information relating to buildings and civil engineering structures) and 3D digital modeling can not only contribute to the implementation and monitoring of construction standards but also help with marketing by providing images and videos of construction sites.


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1 Source: ISO.org - By Clare Naden | January 21, 2019 - BIM: a new international standard to make construction projects easier. https://www.iso.org/fr/news/ref2364.html - BIM enables architects, engineers and construction professionals to plan, design and manage their construction projects more efficiently.


Types of services offered by DroneXperts in the field of civil engineering, industry and energy projects

  • Topographic survey (DSM & DTM) before / during / after construction site (site follow-ups) 

  • Modélisation3D infrastructure modeling (photogrammetry) 

  • Environmental analysis, GHG emanation analysis (greenhouse gases) 

  • Visual and thermographic inspection of infrastructures, buildings, facades, roofs, solar collectors 

  • Volumetry

  • Inspection of piping networks 


      DroneXperts gives you access to the latest technology and the latest software on the market in order to equip yourself or to rent equipment. 

      DJI Phantom 4 RTK

      + HD Camera

      DJI Matrice 300 RTK  

      Evo 2 Dual

      (Thermal camera 640x512, visual camera 48MP et 8K)

      LiDAR Technology 

      (Remote sensing by
      laser )


      Thermal and visual camera Flir XT2 or

      DJI Zenmuse H20T or DJI Zenmuse P1.

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