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Surveying and Mapping & Construction 


UAVs in surveying and geomatics 

The services and products that we offer to our customers and partners are always adapted to their needs. We take into account, among other things, the nature of the land or the surface you want to cover (Residential, industrial, forestry, tundra), the surface you need to cover, the frequency of sampling and other analysis points that will be included in our offer.   

  • Airborne topographic surveys; 
  •   Orthomosaic; 
  •   Aerial photography; 
  • Photos of rocky and inaccessible walls; 

UAVs in cartography

The UAV is a powerful ally of photogrammetry and geomatic surveying for data acquisition. In addition to reducing the time required to capture data for surface surveys, onboard cameras and sensors not only make inspections and mapping safer, but also bring very high image and data accuracy to professionals.  

  •  Orthomosaic
  • Airborne topographic surveys 
  •  Digital terrain model (DTM); 
  •   3D modeling and mapping
  •   Digital Elevation Model (DEM) 

Drone solutions for construction  

We work with government departments, architectural firms, land surveyors, renovation and inspection companies, municipal organizations, industrial companies for expansions or renovations, and all construction professionals who require quick data collection. 

  •   Land surveying and topographic surveys
  •  2D and 3D modeling    
  •  Thermographic analysis  
  • Structural analysis before, during and after work 
  • Construction site monitoring and work (BIM for the life cycle of the building)  

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