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Precision Agriculture & Forestry


Precision Agriculture

Thanks to the expertise of DroneXperts and a quick intervention in the field, you will be able to adjust your growing strategy and optimize the management of your crops (watering, use of treatments, mechanical intervention).  

Precision Forestry

UAVs are crucial in the forestry industry as they help professional to optimize forest management, detect diseases, calculate cutting volumes, and manage networks of access roads.  

Precision agriculture and drone mapping

The UAV remains one of the most suitable means of exploiting spectral and hyperspectral images for agriculture. This technology is highly valued in agriculture because we can fly at low altitudes; flight times allow us to collect valuable data over large areas. 

  • Progress of your crops
  • Detection of water stress
  • Wetland assessment
  • Stress detection like fungi, parasites and other diseases;
  • Irrigation validation with thermal cameras;
  • Characterization of vegetation cover;
  • Estimate the crop yield
  • Topographic field survey 

The Use of Drones in Forestry

If your flight plan is optimal, you will appreciate the flexibility and level of information collected from a UAV. The UAV remains one of the most suitable means of collecting images and scans in forestry. 

  • Inventory of the biomass after cutting 
  •   Pre-cutting assessments for the forest industry and silvicultural work
  •   Species inventory and forest sampling by photo camera and multispectral camera
  • Evaluation of logging residues  
  • Stress detection like diseases or parasites 
  • Assessments of the condition of roads and forest roads
  • Post-fire evaluation to detect hot spots with thermal cameras 
  • Topographic field surveying with photo cameras
  • Follow-up onevents, such as fires, logging, by photo and thermal cameras 

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