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Drone Pilot Training -
Advanced Operations Certification

More than a training. It's a full support towards your success

A leader in drone expertise in Canada since 2012, DroneXperts has developed the most comprehensive advanced operations drone pilot training in the country.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this training has been developed taking into account your skills and experience, and is intended to make you the elite of drone pilots in Canada.



Objectives of this training

Obtain your certification

Pass the exam leading to Drone Pilot Certification, Advanced Operations, issued by Transport Canada.

Work prospects

Have access to better job prospects, with knowledge and skills that are increasingly in demand.

Demonstrate your skills

Demonstrate that you have the skills to plan and carry out complex flight missions.

Become an expert

Benefit from the eXpertise of a company that is a leader in its field in Canada.

Training content
for advanced operations




Cette formation a pour objectif de vous enseigner tous les aspects théoriques et règlementaires sur lesquels porte l’examen en ligne de Transport Canada pour la Certification de Pilote de Drone – Opérations Avancées.


  • Meteorology
  • flight theory
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)
  • Description and operation of drone systems
  • Air Navigation
  • Instrumentation applied to drones
  • Human Factors Influencing Drone Operations
  • Radio communication procedures giving Restricted Radio Operator Certification *

*The restricted radio operator certification exam requires an exam that must be taken face-to-face, a date to take this exam will be offered to you later if the theoretical training is offered to you online.

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This training will be personalized according to your level of knowledge and flight experience. Our representative will be happy to identify the modules that are right for you.
  1. Initiation – Morning (1/2 day)
    During this day, you will have the opportunity to learn how to pilot many different types of drones, whose sizes and characteristics will have the advantage of familiarizing you with perhaps your future drone, whether for the pleasure or work.

    You will fly with DJI Mini, Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom 4, Inspire 2 and even with the Matrice 300.
  2. Flight review practical training – Afternoon (1/2 day)
    During this practical training, time will also be allocated to a presentation of what awaits you for the theoretical part and the practical part for the flight review. If you have a drone that meets Transport Canada standards and would like to practice the exercises with it, we invite you to take it with you.



Prior to this review, you will receive a virtual mission to do that you will have to present to your evaluator, as well as a description of all the tools necessary to carry out this mission.





Flight review preparation (1/2 day)
This in-depth course prepares you for everything you need to know to ensure that your flight review takes place in the best possible conditions. You will see how to plan a mission, how to use the right tools, checklists, and many other aspects that will be assessed during the flight evaluation.


Advanced piloting functions workshop (1/2 day)
Workshop during which your instructor will share with you his experience and the mistakes he has made, anecdotes, but also his tips and tricks, and will invite you to share yours. There you will see everything that comes after the advanced operations certification.


Training on risk management and advanced mission planning (1 day)
This training aims to introduce you to the various risks, situations and emergency procedures and how to respond appropriately. You will also see how to properly plan a mission through different scenarios of gradual complexity.


Advanced training
Pix4D Software Training Training on LiDAR technology Introduction to multi-spectral camera technologies Introduction to infrared and thermal camera technology.

Terms and costs

Tools you need to follow the training

With DroneXperts, you benefit from the latest generation equipment.
So you don't need to bring your own drone. Nevertheless, if you wish to practice with your equipment, and that it meets the prerequisites of Transport Canada, you are cordially invited to do so.

Pre-training knowledge

Whether you are a beginner or an insider, this training is adapted to your experience and knowledge.
We invite you to contact us and we will help you choose the materials best suited to your needs.

Training locations

We offer theoretical courses in virtual mode throughout Quebec, and practical face-to-face courses in the National Capital region. We can also provide face-to-face training in other regions depending on your needs. If this is necessary, please mention it to our sales team.

As for the flight review examination, it cannot be done remotely, and must take place either in the Capitale-Nationale region (Quebec) or in the Montreal region.

Training cost

The cost of the training varies according to your needs, your experience and your knowledge. Our team will adapt the modules and guide you to the training that suits you.

Note that the training is eligible for Emploi-Québec subsidies. Please consult your CLE (Local Employment Center) to find out your eligibility.

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Achieve your goal of becoming an advanced operations certified drone pilot.

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