Solutions for the environment

The Enviro-DX Program

We are proud to be a pioneer in drone-embedded technologies that help organizations adopt new eco-responsible practices.

Innovation & research at the service of the environment.


Our social objective:

Reduce the ecological footprint of the greatest number of organizations.


In the era of climate change and the need for innovation in clean technologies, the DroneXperts team innovates by offering you its AirDX-SM system, a revolutionary tool that will respond to environmental issues. 

This drone-based system is an essential tool for monitoring air quality. It will allow you to fight against contaminants and atmospheric pollutants thanks to its on-board sampling and measurement systems.


The HydroDX-S is a research project led by INRS with DroneXperts as an industrial partner.

The final objective of this research is to develop and integrate a water sampling (SE) system with DroneXperts drone technology and perform tests in a controlled and real environment.

A better future is built through collaboration.

Everything becomes possible with trusted partners. We are proud to work with these organizations to develop Enviro-DX products.