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Dyno M200 et M300 :
Thrust and torque measurement bench for drones


Perform maintenance tracking of drone motors.

This drone thrust measurement bench makes it possible to diagnose engine-related problems and also ensures regular monitoring in order to avoid excessive variations in the performance and wear of each engine of a drone (Preventive maintenance).

Why use the Dyno?

Diagnose or prevent

Avoid uneven deterioration of each engine with the drone thrust test. Perfect tools to diagnose or prevent engine failure before it happens.

Standardize testing

Establish a standard in motor power compliance testing and ensure monitoring of drone motor resistance for maintenance.

Obtain objective data

Obtain objective and quantitative information on the mechanical and electrical condition of each motor, to be able to transmit it to customers throughout the monitoring of the drone.

Reduce the risk of failure

Establish the total capability and efficiency of drones when setting up new payloads. Improve and prevent failures to reduce risks.

The DYNO is the only measuring bench that can be used
without dismantling the motors.


  1. 1.System

    4 articulated arms on measuring bench
    Reading screen
    Safety cage*
  2. 2.Compatibility

    ✓ Dyno M200: DJI Matrice M200 / 210: 200 V1 series, 210V1, 210 RTK V1, 200 V2, 210 V2, 210 RTK V2.
    ✓ Dyno M300: DJI Matrice M300 series. (Future)


Reading screen

Allows you to quickly view the results.

Fast and efficient results

A quick read of engine thrust differences.

The Dyno is designed to

Eva Foam
Electronic repair centers

Maintenance Services

Avionics and aeronautics companies

Drone designers

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