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Drones for the construction industry

The first immediate benefit of a drone is the ability to quickly capture what exists from the air, in the form of photographs or videos. This allows, for example, the customer or the contractor to become familiar with a site or a building very quickly.

Use aerial data to move your construction sites forward.

The technology offered by DroneXperts in construction used on construction sites facilitates the work of the building professional

(Inspection of hard-to-reach areas, production of 3D terrain models, for example).

A drone makes data collection faster, easier and more cost effective

A drone is more precise (Centimeter precision)

It allows you to digitize the results and track them over time (BIM)

Manage travel to construction sites

Increases worker safety by allowing risky activities to be monitored in real time.

Our services

Nous travaillons avec les ministères, les bureaux d’architectes, les arpenteurs-géomètres, les entreprises de rénovation, d’inspection, les organisations municipales, les industriels pour les agrandissements ou les rénovations et tous les professionnels de la construction qui nécessitent une collecte de données rapide.

Land surveying and topographic survey: 2D and 3D photogrammetric survey or by LiDAR MNT and MNS.
Site monitoring and works (BIM for the life cycle of the building).
Site monitoring and works (BIM for the life cycle of the building).
2D and 3D modeling.
Thermographic analysis (with the help of our partners and as needed).

Other applications

Thermography: these inspections can detect anomalies in insulation, thermal bridges, water infiltration, heat loss or sealing problems on walls and roofs.
Maintenance and inspection: vertical surveys as recommended by Law 122 (2010). Improve user safety by inspecting buildings with 5 floors or more and parking lots (every 5 years).
3D modeling: make a georeferenced model using photogrammetry or lidar survey. The 3D result is then used with 3D CAD modeling software. Autodesk Revit, Solidworks, Autodesk Autocad, etc.
Infrastructure inspections: wind turbines, high voltage cables, dams, viaducts, pavements, road lighting, monitoring of highway construction, cracks in concrete, rail infrastructure or safety inspection.
Road network inspection: inventory of a road network, monitoring of highway construction, road alignment, rehabilitation, potholes, detection of ravines, muddy areas and erosion.

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