Comment le DroneXpAIR peut-il devenir une aide à la prise de décision pour réduire votre empreinte écologique ?

How can the DroneXpAIR become a decision-making aid to reduce your ecological footprint?

You are an environmental specialist, environmental engineer, manager or technician or environmental analyst, this article is for you.
Une technologie de mesure et d’échantillonnage pour réduire votre empreinte écologique

Measurement and sampling technology to reduce your ecological footprint

In this article, we present the advantages of the “DronexpAIR” technology for the stages of diagnosis, validation of corrective actions and preventive monitoring.
Comme manufacturiers, pourquoi adopter de nouvelles pratiques écoresponsables ?

As manufacturers, why adopt new eco-responsible practices?

Under the influence of stakeholders, especially contractors including the government, customers, partners, suppliers and even employees, you must guide and adapt your practices to reduce your ecological footprint.
Système d’échantillonnage des eaux de surface embarqué sur drone

Drone-based surface water sampling system

The INRS article published today specifies that tests will be carried out on rivers in the summer of 2021 in order to put the sampling system to the test.
Systèmes de surveillance environnementale embarqués sur drone

Drone-based environmental monitoring systems

In order to ensure the sustainability and growth of the company and the industry, we focus part of our activities on research & development and innovation.
Obtention d’un financement par Investissement Québec pour le concept du DroneXpAIR

Obtaining funding from Investissement Québec for the DroneXpAIR concept

In the era of climate change and the need for innovation in clean technologies helping with environmental issues, DroneXperts is in the marketing phase of its DroneXpAIR system.
Présentation du nouveau DroneXpAIR 2020 optimisé, plus de mesures, plus rapide, plus précis, plus accessible.

Introducing the new optimized DroneXpAIR 2020, more measurements, faster, more accurate, more accessible.

Since 2012, DroneXperts has been one of the pioneers and pioneering Canadian leaders in innovative robotics and artificial intelligence solutions integrated into drones, with a strong presence in the international environmental technology market.
Investissement de 750 000$ en environnement : DroneXperts et la Ville de Québec unissent leurs efforts pour une avancée technologique.

Investment of $750,000 in the environment: DroneXperts and the City of Quebec are joining forces for a technological advance.

The innovative company DroneXperts is proud to announce a new partnership with the City of Quebec which will show the multiple benefits of using the DroneXpAIR in specific needs environmental characterizations.
Présentation du projet DroneXpAIR au 22e colloque du Chapitre Saint-Laurent

Presentation of the DroneXpAIR project at the 22nd symposium of the Saint-Laurent Chapter

As part of the 22nd symposium of the Saint-Laurent Chapter on June 14 and 15, 2018, DroneXperts was able to present the R&D project for sampling and measurement of ambient air quality assisted by drone.
Échantillonnage environnemental : des drones à la rescousse - Journal Le Soleil

Environmental sampling: drones to the rescue - Journal Le Soleil

Here is an article published in the Journal Le Soleil in March 2018, on the use of drones for environmental sampling.

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