Comment DroneXperts peut vous aider à professionnaliser l’intégration des drones dans l’industrie de la construction ?

How DroneXperts can help you professionalize the integration of drones in the construction industry?

DroneXperts is an innovative center of expertise that offers you technology (Sales, rental), training, advice and service in one place.
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The culture of results and continuous improvement helps our employees to develop an expert attitude, that is to say that above all we want to develop their theoretical, practical and technical skills. It is the bond of trust that we develop with our customers in the field.

We are therefore constantly looking for ways to help you develop new skills in training, but also in the field to obtain the best return on investment. The involvement of our teams with the construction world also allows us to improve and to think about the best ways to put in place to make your use of the drone profitable.

DroneXperts is an innovative center of expertise that offers you in one place technology (Sales, rental), training, advice and service:

  1. Experts in needs analysis
    For almost a decade DroneXperts has been supporting organizations to better advise them. We work with government departments, architectural firms, land surveyors, renovation and inspection companies, municipal organizations, industrialists for expansions or renovations and all construction professionals who require a collection of fast data.
  2. Experts in training and development
    We offer a complete range of pilot training, from theory to practice, flight techniques, from basic technique to the practice of advanced operations and flight preparation and review or improvement of LiDAR, Multispectral or Thermal Camera. (Discover our training plans)
  3. Advice and expertise in the purchase of equipment
    Since 2012, a Canadian pioneer and leader recognized as the forerunner in innovative robotics and AI solutions integrated on drones. DJI distributor in Canada since 2014, we are now “Authorized DJI Gold Partner Enterprise Dealer”.
  4. Range of innovative products
    You will always have the best products in advance thanks to the relationship of trust that we have developed over the years with our suppliers of drones and sensors. At DroneXperts you can first test the most recent devices for rent before preparing your purchase financing plan. (Link to equipment rental)
  5. Maintenance & Repair
    In addition to being a DJI Enterprise authorized reseller, DroneXperts is a center of DJI certified eXperts, so you will be in good hands, our team of drone nerds passionate about technology will be at your disposal. By trusting DroneXperts and our team of technicians, real Dr Drones, for all out-of-warranty repairs or maintenance, you are guaranteed to do business with a team trained and certified by DJI for your recreational, professional or industrial drones. (Software update, Disassembly, Assembly, Settings and adjustments, Radio calibration, Calibration of sensors and sensors)
  6. Human ressources
    At DroneXperts, we help our employees develop a customer and expert attitude in their work through a culture of results, mutual support and continuous improvement, this is reflected in the service offered to customers.
  7. Research
    In order to ensure the sustainability and growth of the company and the industry, we focus part of our activities on research & development and innovation.

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