Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur la photogrammétrie par drone
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Everything you need to know about drone photogrammetry

You are interested in photogrammetry and you don't know where begin ? On the contrary, you are already a user of this measurement technique and you wish to deepen your knowledge and skills? Then you've come to the right place!
Tout savoir sur le drone en agriculture de précision
Guides et conseils

Using drones in precision agriculture : everything you need to know.

Whether you are an agronomist, a farmer or looking for a new solution in the agricultural field, discover the different advantages, fields of application and regulations that govern the use of drones, particularly in precision agriculture.
L'entretien de votre drone, pourquoi et comment ? Notre guide
Guides et conseils

Maintenance of your drone, why and how? Our guide

You are owner and you work with a drone, responsible for maintenance and repair service or dealer, this article concerns you.
Comment devenir pilote de drone professionnel et quelle formation choisir ? Le Guide Complet
Guides et conseils

How to become a professional drone pilot and what training to choose? The Complete Guide

Do you want to become a drone pilot? Whether you are new to drones or a drone enthusiast who wants to turn his passion into his profession, then you have come to the right place. Discover our complete guide which will give you as much information as possible about this new profession!
Comment DroneXperts peut vous accompagner dans un contexte de pénurie de main-d’œuvre ?

How DroneXperts can support you in a context of labor shortage?

Are you a business manager and labor issues are threatening your competitiveness? Then this article is made for you.
Quelques nouvelles dans les réglementations de Transport Canada

Some news in Transport Canada regulations

Transport Canada just released its AIM guide on October 7th. Here is what affects us directly.
Comment renouveler son permis de pilote de drone ?
Guides et conseils

How to renew your drone pilot license?

A short guide to help you keep your knowledge and skills up to date after obtaining your pilot certificate.
DroneXperts, votre centre d'expertise

DroneXperts, your center of expertise

Since 2012, our mission has been to make the data collection process accessible and easy in several sectors by professionalizing the integration of drones and their embedded technologies.
« Une innovation environnementale développée en partenariat avec DroneXperts » sera utilisée lors d'un vaste projet canadien sur l’ADN environnemental.

“An environmental innovation developed in partnership with DroneXperts” will be used in a large Canadian environmental DNA project.

DroneXperts will be a key collaborator in the project “iTrackDNA: Non-destructive precision genomics for monitoring environmental impacts in the era of global climate change”.
Pourquoi DroneXperts est le partenaire de choix pour vos projets de photogrammétrie ?

Why DroneXperts is the partner of choice for your photogrammetry projects?

If you are looking to model your land or construction sites in 2D and/or 3D, DroneXperts has several hundred projects to its credit related to photogrammetry.
Le drone dans le domaine minier, article La Presse+

The drone in the mining sector, article La Presse+

In an article published in La Presse+, Mathieu Falardeau, business representative at DroneXperts cites certain benefits of using drones and the vision for the future of the technology based on the evolution of regulations with Transport Canada. 
Quelles sont les différentes applications de la photogrammétrie par drone ?
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What are the different applications of drone photogrammetry?

These examples of applications stem from photogrammetry using only images acquired by drones and photogrammetry software (Pix4D and others)

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