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Here are the 7 biggest advantages of integrating drones in rescue missions !

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Like doctors, the ultimate goal for all response and research teams is to find and save lives. This is also certainly your goal. Rescuers are always on the lookout for additional ways to increase their chances and at the same time make their search safer.

This is where drones meet many of these conditions. Here are some of the benefits that rescuers find in using quadcopters.

1. They are quick to deploy

Rapid deployment of search resources to high probability areas can quickly reduce the size of the search area. Of course, speed is crucial, as the chances of finding people dwindle as the hours pass. The size of the drones, their weight, the capacities of the batteries make it a tool that is quickly in the air unlike the rather slow deployment of a helicopter.

2. Their ability to cover a great distance

On foot, it is difficult to square or rake a large area quickly. Thanks to a drone that can fly at more than 50 km/h at a reasonable height, you can quickly be on the scene for at least to delimit the search area and organize the teams, saving valuable time Imagine the area you could cover with multiple drones working simultaneously.

3. View from the air

Gain height, but not too much. Helicopters or planes must respect a flight height of 500 to 2000 feet *, not the drone, this ensures not to miss an important clue. Equipped with a thermal infrared camera, the drone will clearly identify any heat sources that stand out. * General Rules for the Operation and Flight of Aircraft – Government of Canada

4. Safety of your staff

Allowing rescuers to search steep and rugged areas without endangering them is paramount to their safety.

5. Constant stream of live data

The images taken by drones are in real time, without delay. This allows emergency units to prepare a quick action plan with full knowledge of the facts.

6. Success rate

The success of search operations often depends on the skills of the searchers and their knowledge of the different roles and responsibilities of each member of the team, but today it also depends on technology which can increase the success rate of a mission. , the ultimate indicator.

7. Social objective (reputation)

One of the positive repercussions of the improvement in the success rate and the acquisition of technological tools is the gain in the confidence of the population. Seeking to improve processes leads people to believe that public services are doing the right things, but also that they are doing them well.

If, like us, you are convinced of the benefits that this technology brings to rescuers and you would like to learn more, we suggest that you call the experts in the field or visit our website.

To find out why, here is the information you need ! Read Why DroneXperts is the ideal partner to help you optimize your rescue mission practices ?



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