Discover our Enviro-DX products at the Adipec show.

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What is the Adipec exhibition?

Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference, you never heard of it? Yet, it is the largest event in the Middle East on the oil and gas industry. This exhibition attracts all the major players in the industry where exchanges on new technologies, new processes or ideas for tomorrow are encouraged. These exchanges are oriented around operations, management and the environment.

Why DroneXperts?

Founded in 2012, DroneXperts aims to professionalize drone integration using robotics and artificial intelligence by enabling and/or facilitating data collection. DroneXperts has become, over the years, a recognized and innovative center of expertise for training, consulting, services and new technologies! The company wishes to be actively involved in the development of innovative solutions to international issues. To support this vision and its actions, DroneXperts defines as its societal objective “to decrease the ecological footprint of as many organizations as possible”. It is in this sense that it develops new expertise to improve and prepare the world of tomorrow.

ENVIRO-DX products.

Most of the ENVIRO-DX products are specialized drone-based technologies that help businesses and government organizations adopt new environmentally responsible practices through data collection. The development and design of these new tools requires several experts from the company and different partners, including research centers, engineering firms or specialized firms in relation to the needs. All these innovations aim to meet real needs in several environmental fields

Here are the solutions that have been put forward at ADIPEC to help companies manage air quality.

The air sampling system: AIR-DX-S.

The AIR-DX-S is a drone assisted ambient air sampling system that includes 3 different industry recognized air sampling processes:

  • Sample bag (lung);
  • Sample canister;
  • Adsorbent tubes.

It allows for rapid air sampling using a drone in areas that are generally unsafe or inaccessible by conventional methods.

The air quality measurement system: AIR-DX-M.

This measurement system is intended to detect, measure and map several gas compounds in the ambient air by offering a real-time measurement system embedded in a drone.

Several contaminants or gases can be measured simultaneously, allowing a simple and fast characterization of the air.

The measurement + sampling system: AIR-DX-SM.

You guessed it: the AIR-DX-SM is the combination of the real-time measurement system with the sampling system. This innovative, complete and now available solution will bring a new breath to the world of environmental assessment. Indeed, a multitude of potential applications will become possible, such as :

  • Assessment and monitoring of industrial emissions
  • Validation of dispersion models
  • Environmental emergencies
  • Fires
  • Marine or land-based spills
  • Road and rail accidents, etc.
  • Delimitation of contaminated areas
  • Occupational health and safety applications
  • Assessment and monitoring of urban air quality (smog, etc.)
  • Atmospheric characterization of non-accessible and hazardous locations

It should be noted that since March 2022, major efforts have been made to implement regulatory compliance and obtain certifications. The first units will be delivered in January 2023, entirely manufactured at our expertise center in Quebec City.