A look back at the ADMQ conference organized by the Association des directeurs municipaux du Québec.

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What is ADMQ 2023 and what is their mission?

From June 14 to 16, 2023, the Centre des congrès de Québec hosted the 2023 annual conference of the Association des directeurs municipaux du Québec (ADMQ). The event brings together over 1,100 members from nearly 885 local municipalities, MRCs and intermunicipal boards from all regions of Quebec. It is the reference and support source for Quebec’s general managers and secretary-treasurers.

This grouping provides an opportunity to discover tools and services to help municipalities manage and develop.

The Association des directeurs municipaux du Québec pursues the following missions:

  • support its members in developing their professional skills;
  • support its members in improving their working practices through a continuous service offering;
  • contribute to the evolution of municipal life through an active, meaningful and representative presence with government and municipal authorities.

DroneXperts solutions

To help these different players manage and develop their business, DroneXperts has set up several service offerings to provide comprehensive solutions to the problems encountered by municipalities.

Riparian buffer strip inspection

The riparian buffer zone is a natural, permanent belt of vegetation bordering a lake or waterway. This is the transition zone between an aquatic and a terrestrial ecosystem, corresponding to the shoreline.

For some municipalities, inspection is a real challenge. To preserve the ecological and biological value of lakes and rivers and safeguard water uses, it’s not enough to tackle the sources of pollution, whether point or diffuse.

This is why the use of drones offers new applications and solves this problem compared to more traditional solutions, with significant advantages such as :

  • Get aerial shots as close as possible to the subject to be inspected ;
  • Accessibility in environments that are difficult to reach or that present hazards for human intervention;
  • Reduced intervention time and costs compared to many human and material resources;
  • Complete scan of the structure to be inspected with a very precise grid thanks to GPS location;
  • A large amount of data collected (Ultra HD images, GPS positions, telemetry) ;
  • Various sensors (camera and stills camera, zoom camera, thermal camera) can be fitted.

AIR-DX sampling system

AIR-DX is a tool specially designed for environmental monitoring and real-time data collection on atmospheric pollutants. Paired with a drone, it can cover vast areas.

This innovative solution will enable municipalities to reduce the environmental impact of the companies operating on their territory. AIR-DX enables them to better understand, plan and manage environmental risks.

What makes this innovation unique is its ability to take 3 types of sample simultaneously, with georeferenced data. The AIR-DX can measure up to six different gases on one card.

The AIR-DX can be used in a wide range of applications, including :

  • Refineries and pulp and paper industries ;
  • Ports ;
  • Mining sites ;
  • Careers.

If you’d like to find out more about this tool, take a look at our article: Introducing AIR-DX and its potential uses by field of activity.

In conclusion

In conclusion, as you will no doubt have gathered by now, DroneXperts has put in place a range of solutions to support these different players and help them deal with real-life issues. If you’re interested, or simply want to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors, who will be delighted to talk to you.