Training: Multispectral and Thermal

(Available in French and only in Canada)

Training objective

The aim of the “Multispectral and Thermal” training course is to enable drone pilots to integrate this tool into their multispectral and/or thermal inspection activities.

Discover the use and fundamentals of spectral and thermal cameras, as well as the basics of these technologies and their main uses in different fields such as agriculture, forestry, the environment and much more.

With this training, you’ll also learn how to interpret results from data.



Target skills

At the end of the course you will be able to :

  • Know the operating principles of thermal and multispectral sensors;
  • See various applications for these sensors;
  • Interpretation of results from thermal and multispectral sensors.


600 $

Possible subsidy

Image thermique maison
Image multispectrale RGB NDVI
Matrice 300 RTK chantier

Training program

Program – thermal sensor :

  • Basics ;
  • Emissivity ;
  • Area of application ;
  • Analysis and results (theoretical part).

Program – spectral sensor :

  • Basic principle ;
  • Multispectral vs hyperspectral ;
  • Spectral signature ;
  • Vegetation index ;
  • Application (theoretical part).



101-2059 Av. Branly

Quebec City, QC G1N 4C7

Training highlights

  • Professional training ;

  • Acquire knowledge of thermal and multispectral sensors;

  • Our trainers are professionals who are fully conversant with all the associated techniques.

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Target audience

Anyone who needs to carry out multispectral and thermal surveys.


Hold a license in advanced operations ;

Internet connection.

Your trainer

Patrick Chatelle – Enviro-DX and Applications Engineering Manager

Patrick has extensive experience in geomatics, remote sensing and aerial mapping, with particular expertise in data processing using Pix4D mapper, as well as in the use of multispectral and thermal sensors for aerial data collection. He is passionate about applying cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems in a variety of fields, including agriculture, surveying, environmental monitoring and natural resource management. Participants in his training course can expect to gain an in-depth understanding of the use of Pix4D mapper and multispectral and thermal sensors for aerial data processing, as well as benefit from the knowledge and practical advice of a seasoned expert in this fast-growing field.

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The drone is a tool that we use every day in our business, which is why our training courses reflect the reality of the field.

Consulting and Support

One of our consultants will take the time to define your needs and expectations, to ensure that our training courses are in line with your professional objectives.


The close involvement of our experts will enable you to evolve in a serene environment conducive to the success of your training program.

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